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Database Modeling

The process of creating a data model called the modeling database.

SEO web design

It is a process to achieve the highest position of our website in the search engines.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Stateless hypertext transfer protocol.

Creating websites and online Apps


My name is Paul Klopotowski and I'm graduate of the School of Information Technology and Management. Since 2008 dealing with professional coding websites, database modeling and design of Web applications on-line (administrative panels, internet shops, CMSes for individual needs).

How does cooperation?
You provide me with the graphic design of your website. I cut graphics and create code of your website. It is also possible to prepare the visual concept by the professional graphics with whom I work closely.

How to overtake the competition?
Experience, passion, continuous expansion of knowledge but above all:

  • encodes page to properly display them in all popular browsers
  • I create a code compliant with the latest standards
  • each encoded page, on request, passes W3C validation
  • I create a separate style sheet, so that the appearance is separated from the content
  • templates based on layers, tables are used to present data
  • I use indentation in the code, so that my code is clear and easy to understand
  • I create code semantically compatible, search engine friendly
  • properly describe all tags graphic
  • optimizes image files
  • I cut graphics with an accuracy of 1 pixel


Projects encodes using standards W3C, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, Mootools, XMLa, SEO, SEF, RWD, CMS Joomla, CMS Worpress.